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Giga 500W Sound Tower


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Brand Name: Samsung Electronics
Item Description: Samsung Giga High Powered Audio
Descriptive Item Features: Get the party jumping with 500 watts of power. Pump it up and keep your party moving with magnified sound.

Bulleted Features:

  • Stereo sound with bi-directional speaker
  • High power: 500 watts
  • Boost the bass with a touch of a button
  • Color-changing LED lights
  • Karaoke Mode with 1 mic input
  • Bluetooth Multi-Connection
  • Splash Resistant
Brand: Samsung Electronics
Description: Samsung Giga High Powered Audio
Model Number: MX-T50/ZA
Product Dimensions: 13.80in (L) by 12.70in (D) by 25.60in (H)
Product Weight: 25.60lb
Warranty: 1 Year P&L
  • Dimensions 13.80''W x 25.60''H x 12.70''D
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