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2150 PSI Electric Pressure Washer


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Item Description: 2150 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
Descriptive Item Features: AR Blue Clean products are supported by the power of experience; almost 60 years of it have developed our reputation as the best in the industry. We have the right solution for every type of cleaning need: driveways, garage floors, grills, gutters, patios, outdoor furniture, vehicles and more. The user-friendly BC383HSS is perfect for the do-it-yourself user in need of a pressure washer to occasionally clean stubborn surfaces such as decks, tools and vehicles. 2150 max PSI, 1700 rated psi, 1.6 max GPM, 1.1 rated GPM. Includes: PW4222410 – 25 ft. super soft PVC high-power hose, PW4221762 – metal trigger gun with M22 connector, PW3400960 – 16 in. metal extension lance with quick connector, PW4221440 – 15 degree quick connect nozzle, PW4221450 – 25 degree quick connect nozzle, PW4620594 – 28 oz. high-power foam cannon, PW4220680 – turbo nozzle, PW3084210 – garden hose adaptor. Aluminum pump featuring a universal motor, a wobble plate and a Total Stop System to extend pump life.

Key Features:
  • Max PSI 2150
  • Max GPM 1.6
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes: gun, super soft hose
  • SS lance, 15° quick connect nozzle
  • 25° quick connect nozzle
  • Garden hose adapter and foam cannon
  • Telescoping handle for easy storage
Product Dimensions: 15.00in (L) by 15.00in (D) by 36.00in (H)
Product Weight: 25.00lb
Warranty: 2-year
  • Dimensions 15.00''W x 36.00''H x 15.00''D
Product Features:
  • Product Type Pressure Washers
  • Gas or Electric Electric
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