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La-Z-Boy Brand
La-Z-Boy Brand
La-Z-Boy Brand

Rent to Own La-Z-Boy Furniture at Aaron’s

Built for comfort and style, La-Z-Boy is now available at Aaron’s. Exceptional durability and lasting comfort with La-Z-Boy products can now be yours with affordable lease to own payments. Check out these fantastic recliners and sofas.

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6 Products
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You know you've always wanted a La-Z-Boy recliner of your own. They build chairs that stand the test of time — delivering comfort and quality.

Whether you're watching the game or a rom-com, the view is better from a luxurious La-Z-Boy throne. Enjoy, your majesty.

Sweet, Sweet Colors

At Aaron's, we want your furniture to match the style of your home. We'd be letting you down if we only offered one color. Thankfully, La-Z-Boy has a wide range of recliners in deliciously-named colors.

Mocha? Yes.

Chocolate? Oh my, yes.

Sand? Tastes bad. Looks great.

The Comfiest Features

If you're buying a recliner, you want comfort. If you didn't, you'd buy a yard sale chair. But you're better than that.

La-Z-Boy recliners are built with comfort in mind.

Lumbar support. Adjustable tension. Rockers. 3-position footrests. Supple leather and cloth options. A squire to massage your shoulders. They thought of everything.

Recliners, Love Seats, and Couches

Yes — they build more than just recliners. At Aaron's, we have La-Z-Boy sofas and love seats as well, so you can have the entire family couch-surfing in style.

Their two-seater options also include an armrest and cupholders, so they're basically luxury sedans without engines. Checkmate, fancy car brands.

Why Rent to Own La-Z-Boy?

If you don't want to pay cash upfront, rent to own is the right move for you. You'll get your recliner right away, and you'll get free delivery and setup.

No moving trucks. No begging to borrow a trailer. No driving home with the hazards on. On top of free delivery, no credit is needed. Just affordable monthly payments that work with your budget.