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We provide flexible lease ownership plans designed to fit your budget — with absolutely no hidden fees.

Service and repair included

As long as you're renting to own from us, we'll take care of any product that isn't working the way it should — defective merchandise is covered until the end of your lease.

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When it comes to shopping for affordable electronics, it can be tough to find the perfect product without breaking the bank. At Aaron’s, we offer a wide assortment of brand name products with affordable monthly lease payments designed to fit everyone’s budget.

Types of Electronics at Aarons

We carry all of the electronics you need for work and play, plus our on-the-go options make it easier than ever to bring your favorite apps with you. From TVs to tablets, here are some of the top electronics Aaron’s carries:

  • TVs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Speakers and Audio Systems
  • Game Consoles
  • Desktop Computers
  • Portable Tech Gadgets

Enjoy Movies and Gaming from the Comfort of Your Home

With so many great entertainment options, it can be tricky to figure out which electronics you really need. From movie night to gaming, you want to make sure you have all the right devices for maximum fun – especially when it comes to your television. Whether you’re looking for a 4K Ultra HD, Smart, LED, UHD (or any combination of those), Aaron’s can help you find an affordable TV or TV bundle designed to fit your needs. And once you’ve found the perfect TV for you and your budget, you can create an immersive experience with our home theater audio systems, sound bars, and other electronics.

Aaron’s Has You Covered When You’re On the Go

In today’s digital world, you’ve got to stay connected to stay ahead. That’s why we carry portable tech gadgets so you can be connected everywhere you go. Our wireless headphones and portable speakers allow you to enjoy your music while you’re working out or hanging out at the next neighborhood block party, and our laptops and tablets make it easy to stream your favorite show, stay on top of your emails or just surf the web. And the best part? All of Aaron’s laptops and tablets come with Total Defense all-in-one device protection, so you can rest easy knowing your devices are protected.

Computers Perfect for the Office and the Classroom

Whether you’re starting a business, going back to school, or just trying to stay connected, laptops and desktop computers are a must have! Gone are the days when internet access was optional – students now rely on computers to complete all of their coursework. And unfortunately, those electronics you need the most, like computers, can get real pricey. That’s why Aaron’s offers affordable monthly lease payments, so students and professionals can get the laptop or desktop they need without breaking the bank.

Electronics Brands at Aaron’s

When it comes to electronics, the brand name matters, especially when you want quality products with the latest and greatest features. But sometimes those premium brands come with a hefty price tag. At Aaron’s, we offer affordable monthly leasing agreements so you can get your favorite electronics brands within your budget. Browse online today or drop by one of our stores and check out all of our electronics brands. If you’re shopping for laptops and desktop computers, check out our amazingly affordable options from LG . Or if gaming is more your speed, we’ve got Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony Playstation. And, when it comes to TVs and sound systems, we’ve got options from LG, Philips, Samsung, and Sony.

Why Lease to Own Electronics?

If you’re looking to avoid a large upfront payment and make affordable, lease to own payments on brand name electronics, renting to own is perfect for you! Plus, at Aaron’s no credit is needed and delivery is always free. Yep, free. Learn more about all the rent to own benefits Aaron’s offers here.