We help people “own it.”

The most important difference between Aaron’s and other stores is that Aaron’s gets it - we know that you don’t want to just lease it, you want to Own it.
  • No Credit Needed

    No Credit Needed

    Aaron’s specializes in helping people own without needing credit. Our lease ownership plans allow you to make affordable monthly or semi-monthly payments without the long-term obligation that comes with using credit. Aaron’s is able to approve you, without credit, because Aaron’s doesn’t offer credit – you don’t borrow money from Aaron’s, you lease to own.
  • Shop In-Store or Aarons.com

    Shop In-Store or Aarons.com

    Whether you shop in-store or online, Aaron’s has nice, knowledgeable people who are ready to work with you. If you prefer shopping online, Aaron’s is the leader in leasing to own merchandise online. We make it easy to shop, get approved, and make your payments online.
  • Free Delivery & Set-Up

    Free Delivery & Set-Up

    Here’s another way Aaron’s saves you money. When you lease with Aaron’s, delivery and set-up are free. Experienced product techs will arrive promptly and assemble, connect, test, demonstrate, place your product where you want, and of course, clean up before they leave. Set-up does not include connection of gas or water.
  • No Hidden Fees

    No Hidden Fees

    At Aaron’s, we make everything easy to understand. No surprises. When you are considering a product in-store or at Aarons.com, you’ll know your monthly payment, the number of payments, the cost of lease services, and the total cost of lease ownership. No hidden fees… no surprises.
  • Service & Repair Included

    Service & Repair Included

    If you have a service problem, Aaron’s will promptly dispatch a repair technician at no additional charge. Plus, a natural disaster waiver is included too, in order to protect you in the event of fires or floods. When you pay out your lease, we even provide you an additional 60-day limited extended warranty (Not available in NC). Some restrictions apply.
  • Lifetime Reinstatement

    Lifetime Reinstatement

    At Aaron’s, your lease includes what we call “Lifetime Reinstatement”. That means if you elect to return your merchandise before you complete all of your payments, you never have to give up what you invested into the merchandise. Anytime later - weeks, months, even years - you can pick back up where you left off with the same or similar condition merchandise with no penalties. When you’ve made all of the remaining payments, you Own it. (Does not apply to lawn mowers or lawn tractors.)
  • Flexible Payment Options
    At Aaron’s, you choose the lease ownership plan that best fits your budget. Choose from 12, 18, or 24 month plans* PLUS our Same as Cash option.
    The 12 month plan offers the lowest total cost of lease ownership.
    The 18 month plan provides a lower payment and a low total cost of lease ownership.
    The 24 month plan – our most popular plan – provides the lowest payment possible. Most people choose monthly payments, but if you prefer, you can choose semi-monthly (2 payments per month).
    120Days Same As Cash^
    If you decide to pay out within 120 days, we’ll waive the entire cost of lease services. In California, and in a limited number of other stores, we offer 90 days Same as Cash.^

Great Products, Great Brands

Aaron’s is proud to carry the top brands

Reasons to shop

It’s Easy and Affordable

Leasing at Aaron’s makes it easy to own whatever you need for your home without needing credit.

Free Delivery & Set-up,
Service & Repair Included

Our service doesn’t stop with free delivery and set-up. Product service and repair are included while you are leasing your product!

Flexible Payment Options

We provide simple lease ownership plans that allow you to work within your budget.

Same as Cash Option

If you decide to pay out your lease ownership plan within the Same as Cash period, we'll waive the entire cost of lease services.^

What do I need to get started?

Aaron’s is Easy… and Affordable
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