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Beyond the bed: decorating your master bedroom

The bed. It's probably the first big item you pick out when you're setting up a new master bedroom. Sure, it's the centerpiece — but the rest of your room needs some love too. If you really want the bedroom decor to come together, it's time to think beyond the bed.

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Pick your style

No two bedroom styles are identical. In case you haven't noticed, every human on earth has unique style and taste. Your master bedroom should be a direct reflection of your personality — after all, it is where you'll crash every evening.

Even though everyone's style is unique, it's helpful to pick a direction for your bedroom's decor. Whether you prefer the clean lines of minimalism, an exposed industrial look, or the comfort of traditional decor, choosing a direction is the first step in creating the perfect master bedroom. Get inspired by looking online, visiting decor showrooms, or flipping through magazines. Once you've got your vision, the rest is easy.

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Think beyond the bed

Ok — you've bought the perfect bed. Whether it's a minimalist platform bed or a traditional bed, you're ready to get a great night's sleep in your new bedroom. But have you considered how the rest of the furniture in your room will vibe with the bed?

Thinking beyond the bed will give your master suite a clean, cohesive look. From your nightstand to your dressers, end tables, and lighting, you'll want pieces that fit your room's aesthetic. Depending on the direction you're taking the decor, these can be eclectic or perfectly matching — the choice is yours.

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Get artwork and photos you love

A master bedroom without artwork will feel empty. Art adds unique character to any space, and you'll want to choose paintings or sculptures that fit the furnishings and the architecture of your room.

Aside from artwork, photos and other personal items can really make the room feel like home. Sure, a clean aesthetic is nice — but you want to feel like the space is yours.

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Dress up the windows

Windows are one of the biggest missed opportunities in bedroom decor. Having curtains that complement the other fabrics in your bedroom can tie the space together. You don't want them to be overpowering — so you'll have to use your best judgement with colors and patterns to make sure the curtains you choose fit the room. If you live in the city, blackout curtains can help keep ambient light out of your room at night, giving you a better night's sleep.

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Find ways to use color

Using color correctly will add a pop to the room — but how? There are all sorts of ways to use color in your bedroom, but the way you choose will depend on your style, the room itself, and the decor. From accent walls to throw pillows, rugs, and blankets, the options are endless. The important thing is to be consistent with your choice of colors to make sure they don't clash.

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