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How to transition a kid to a teen room

Whether we want to admit it or not, our kiddos are growing up before our very eyes and are on their way to being full grown teens! They've probably outgrown the super cute princess or superhero room from their childhood, but who knows where to begin when designing a room for a teen? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you both through this transition.

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Get rid of the junk!

Let's be real: kids can be pack rats! First things first, get rid of all the extra things in your kid's room. Are they really still playing with blocks? Do they still sleep with that teddy bear every night? Toss the toys, books, and clothes that they no longer need. Or better yet, donate them to a local charity so other kids can make memories.

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Plan together

Your teen probably has an opinion about what their room should look like and they are the ones spending the most time in there. Make this a project that both of you can enjoy! You can wander around paint and fabric stores or have a brainstorming session with a bunch of home decor magazines!
Here are a few of our best tips from parents just like you:

  • Add a few throw pillows and a stylish rug in the corner to make a lounge area for them and their friends.
  • Have your teen pick out removable wall decals to really make the decorations their own.
  • Add a chalkboard wall where they can express themselves. Chalkboard paint isn't just black anymore, it comes in all sorts of other colors like hot pink or lime green.
  • Baskets make for great stylish storage spaces.
  • Consider extra lighting beyond just the overhead. Standing or desk lamps are a great choice or even twinkle lights around the bed!

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Simple changes make a big difference

A great way to update a room on a budget is with a simple coat of paint or new bedspread. A new color in the room can completely transform it. Choose a neutral paint color that will give the room a more sophisticated, grown up feel.

It's time to get rid of the cartoon sheets and opt for more adult bedding. You don't have to go full argyle, but solid or stripe prints will pull the room together.

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Upgrade the furniture

Time to ditch the racecar bed and give your teen a proper bed to lay on while they play on their phones. Homework is also a priority, so if space allows, find a desk to work at or a bookshelf for all of their textbooks.

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