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Ideas to make your family room kid-friendly

Creating a living room that's both beautiful and functional isn’t impossible! You can have a place that’s perfect for both grown-ups and the little ones. Here are our ideas to make your family room kid-friendly.

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Embrace the play!

Children love to play, so embrace their spirit and create a space that is fun and inviting. It isn’t realistic that you’ll be able to keep toys out of the family room. Instead, plan to just store them out of sight. Use bookcases with low bins or cubbies to store loose toys or find furniture pieces that feature hidden storage.

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Kid-inspired decor

Is your little one the next budding artist? Who needs expensive prints when you can frame your children’s masterpieces? Your kiddos will get such a kick out of seeing their artwork displayed around the house!

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Kid-approved entertainment

It’s no surprise that your kids love all the newest gadgets and technology, which is why you’ll want to make sure your family room is outfitted with all of the latest and greatest gear. Pick out an amazing 4k Smart TV so you can easily stream all your favorite shows, or feed your children’s’ imagination with a game console, like a Playstation or Xbox. And, if you really want to make your family room the entertainment hub of the neighborhood, you can get VR headsets or sound bars for the best sound quality!

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Protect your kiddos from boo-boos

With kids running around and playing in the family room, you’ll want to make sure that the room is safe for them. That means no sharp corners, breakable decor, or stain-prone fabrics. When shopping for coffee tables and end tables, opt for options with rounded corners so you won’t have to worry about your kids bumping their heads during playtime. And if you’ve got kids under your roof, make sure you anchor furniture to the wall so if they climb on the furniture it won’t tip.

Another great way to section off areas of the room is to use rugs. They’re a beautiful way to define space and perfect if you have toddlers crawling around everywhere!

Just remember when you’re furnishing and decorating your family room to look at it through a kid’s perspective so you can proactively fix things that might not be safe for a curious kid. And when the inevitable boo-boo or meltdown does happen, make sure you’ve got a rocker recliner to calm them down.

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Protect your family room from kid chaos

Spills are inevitable with kiddos, so don’t freak out if one happens. Instead, choose your couches and chairs based on the type of fabric. Leather and faux leather are easy to wipe down or opt for a living room set that features stain resistant fabric.

Another great tip is to choose rugs or furniture with a pattern so dirt and stains are less noticeable. And as always, stay away from putting decorative items in low areas. Little ones can think those are for them and potentially break cherished items.

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