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Kitchen and dining room ideas

Let's create your dream kitchen and dining room

No matter who you are, you've got to eat! Whether you're whipping up a quick snack for the kids, or sitting down for a big family dinner, the perfect kitchen and dining room can make all the difference. To make your dream kitchen or dining room a reality, you'll need a little bit of inspiration. Good news — we've collected some ideas to get you started.

maximize space

Apartment kitchen ideas that maximize space

Apartment kitchens can feel a bit cramped, especially if you’re living in a big city. But, with these space-saving apartment kitchen ideas, you’ll be able to maximize your space and keep it organized!

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save money

Appliance upgrades to save you money

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, many homeowners and renters wonder if upgrading appliances are worth it. Sure, brand new energy efficient stainless steel models are beautiful, but do they really save you money in the long run? And if you’re a renter, you’re probably wondering if there are any DIY projects or hacks to update the look and feel of your appliances without having to splurge on new models. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, looking to replace or to upcycle your appliances, here are a few appliance upgrades that’ll save you money!

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make your kitchen pop

Designs and ideas to make your kitchen pop

Have you ever heard that kitchens sell houses? It’s true! Kitchens are the hub of almost every family activity. From holiday gathers to family dinners crowded around the table, your kitchen is the epicenter, so it’s important to make sure that it‘s practical and stylish. By combining functionality and design in your kitchen, you’ll find yourself opting to stay home for dinner more and more. And even if you’re renting, have a tight budget, or hate renovations, there’s something here to help your kitchen POP!

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dining room decorating

Simple dining room decorating ideas

Dining rooms have the tendency to feel a bit stuffy, but with these simple decorating ideas, you’ll find yourself enjoying more meals in your dining room! And if you want to upgrade your dining room without breaking the budget, we’ve got tips for every price range. From cosmetic fixes to simple decor swaps, you can update the entire look and feel of one of your most important rooms without spending a ton.

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